Duck Life 2


What do you know about ducks? These birds live near water, they can both swim and fly and can be both wild and domestic. But were you aware that they can also take part in racing competitions? The hero of our game proves that it can be done easily! The Duck Life series has now received its seventh version bringing even more fascinating features and updates. Just like before, the hero of the story has to restore his farm after a terrible hurricane. All his belongings are lost except one single egg. A duckling hatched from it is what he bets on to earn enough money and revive his business. There are tournaments running in the neighborhood, and our hero starts training his little dark to swim, run, climb and fly. Each of this skills will be needed in the competition, so you can’t neglect any of them.

Speaking about the new features of the update, the graphics has grown better than it used to be. It will definitely be pleasing for your sight. While the gaming mechanics has remained largely same as it used to be, you can now adjust your character using the angle detector. This handy device is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. With its help, you can fly further without any difficulty. However, most interesting is the other new addition. The previous versions challenged you to perform certain tasks – say, flying at a certain height or covering a certain distance. Now you’ll also have to destroy the obstacle that will differ on every location. This is a wonderful new experience! Aside from making your duck fly, you’ll also have a sort of enemy to beat.

The coin shop has also received a new assortment of accessories to offer. You can upgrade your duck with a new type of glider and even equip it with weapon. That will allow you to adjust the needed setting easier to get the upper hand in a competition. Finally, there is also a help page with useful tips and complete guidance through the game. Duck Life 7 is the most fascinating version of the series available so far! You can check it out by playing the game on our site!


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