Red Ball 4


In this whimsical realm, the adventure begins with a bouncy, courageous hero—a red ball on a mission to thwart an unusual menace. It’s a world where geometry takes a sinister twist, and evil shapes are out to reshape the world into an angular nightmare. Amidst the chaos, our plucky protagonist emerges as the beacon of hope, determined to roll through adversity and save the day.

You’ll be captivated by the game’s charming simplicity and the endearing resilience of your red, rubbery hero. The colorful, cartoonish graphics bring life to a world that’s curvier than it seems, filled with lush landscapes, perilous pits, and cunning adversaries.

With a gentle tilt or a few taps, you guide your resilient orb through a myriad of levels, each a delightful concoction of puzzles, platforms, and physics-based challenges. Your journey isn’t just about reaching the end—it’s about mastering the art of rolling, jumping, and using your wits to solve intricate riddles along the way.


Evil geometric shapes are not to be trifled with. Square baddies and rectangular rogues will try to block your path, but you’re armed with the power of bounce. Leap upon them, send them tumbling, and show them that in this world of circles, you’re the one true hero.


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