Duck Life Hack


Some people keep animals as pets. Some use them for farming purposes. And some carefully raise them to take part in various competitions. This is just what you are about to do in our game. Duck Life with hack puts you in charge of a small duck farm where you will grow and train your birds upgrading their skills and improving their parameters. Don’t think this is going to be easy! First, you’ll have to get the hang of the entire process. As soon as the ducks are hatched, you’ll get to choose one of them and participate in exercising tasks to evolve it into a stronger, faster bird and also gain some money. The coins are necessary to buy various equipment in the store.

There is one peculiarity in the hacked version of Duck Life 3. It allows you to gain a bonus on one of your duck skills. For instance, if you select a duck that is a good swimmer, you will find its increasing its swimming ability faster than other parameters. This will come in handy in swimming competitions, although you probably won’t find a duck like that very efficient in a running contest. Depending on the type of tournament you are going to take part in, you can choose and upgrade birds more effectively than you would using an unhacked version of the game. That will give you a competitive edge over your opponents and allow you to move up the racing ladder at a much higher speed. Otherwise, the game isn’t very different from its predecessor. Just don’t forget to feed your duck or it can run out of energy in the middle of the race! And that definitely won’t help you win the champion’s title.


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