Duck Life 5


Do you think ducks are pretty and sweet? You have a chance of getting to know these birds a little better in a great game called Duck Life Treasure Hunt! This is not just a simulator of duck growth, but also a challenge for you since the ducks raised at your farm will take part in various competitions. Your task is to make sure they win! That involves an intense training process during which you will earn money and increase your birds’ skills. But first let’s find out how the hero of the game got to making a living from an occupation like that.

As the story goes, you once had a thriving farm with several buildings, plenty of livestock and lavish crops. But one day you lost it all in a horrifying tornado. You thought everything was lost until you found a single duck egg that survived through the storm. Now all your hopes rest on a tiny hatchling you decided to register for a racing competition when it grows big enough.

For that purpose, you should put all your effort into teaching the duck to run, climb, swim and fly. Those skills represent four types of contest available in duck tournaments. Depending on the race you want to win, you need to focus on developing a certain skill in your feathered charge. The champion will receive a certain amount of money and other valuable rewards. For your duck to successfully participate in various types of tournaments, you also need to take care of increasing its endurance. Don’t forget to feed your bird before the race otherwise it can suddenly run short of energy and won’t be able to complete the competition. You’ll gradually move from easy races to tough championships with a lot of obstacles. But that shouldn’t stop you! Keep evolving your duck, take part in as many contests as you can and one day your farm will become even more prosperous than it used to be!


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