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Play Duck Life online, game Duck Life free to play

Ducks are lovely birds we love to feed while walking in the park or visiting our grandma in the village. But would you be able to actually take care of them if your wellbeing depended on it? You can find that out playing Duck Life! This fascinating yet challenging game puts you in the position of a farm holder who lost everything he had in a strong hurricane – except for one single egg. Will he manage to restore his farm and make it as thriving as it used to be by putting all of his hope into this clumsy hatchling? We are about to see!

The training begins

So the goal of the game is to raise a duck from the very first stage of its life and also train it in five skills: running, swimming, flying, climbing and endurance. As your duck grows and evolves, you’ll have to feed it well so that it had enough energy to last through a racing contest. The competition will have to do with one of the mentioned abilities, so you can reach better results training your ducks individually for each type of the tournament. Before you can proceed to competing in a race, you have to complete all the exercises available on the location. That will also allow you to earn some quick money to spend in the coin shop. Here you can buy fun and useful accessories for your duckling that will boost its speed and stamina.

Maps and championships

There are six different maps associated with tournaments of increasing difficulty. Each map is devoted to a certain skill. On grasslands, you’ll train your duck to run, swamp is a wonderful training ground for swimming, flying can be taught in the mountains and glacier is included as a climbing area. Once you complete all the exercises on the map, you’ll unlock a tournament area where you need to beat a certain bird to move forward. Volcano is the final map where you can only gain access after upgrading your skills to level 120 and higher. This is where you will be set up versus the world champion, but we are sure you can beat him if you just give it a shot!

There are also different cups to win, including the Plastic, Copper, Bronze, Silver and Golden Cups. Each cup sets certain participation requirements and allows you to take part in contests of the higher rank. The latest installment of Duck Life also includes a Server Arena where you can compete against other players rather than the computer. Accessing the Server Arena requires you to have at least 30 energy level and prohibits you from racing against players than are more than 5 levels above or below yours. If you work hard enough, you may even see your name on the Leader Board!