Duck Life 3 Evolution


How much do you know about raising ducks? If you aren’t really familiar with it, the Duck Life 3 Evolution will help you out! In the third version of this fascinating game, you’ll get a chance to evolve your charges from a tiny duckling to a grownup bird. You won’t believe how tremendously fast it can increase in size! And its abilities will grow, too. Due to the latest developments in the farming industry and the abundance of genetically modified food, your ducks can become incredibly quick and durable. And those qualities are highly important if you hope to win the upcoming race! Right after a new duck is hatched, you can start guiding the process of its evolution giving it nutritious seed, updating its parameters and buying items that will increase its chances in the tournament.

The gameplay of the third version remain largely the same as it the previous Duck Life releases. Competition requires teaching your ducks four skills: running, swimming, jumping and flying. While the training process hasn’t changed much, there are a few new features that weren’t present in the first and second installment. For instance, you can select one of four eggs that differ among each other. The ducklings that will be hatched from those eggs will have different parameters. Each egg will display which skills the bird will be good at. This way, you can plan out your strategy way before the races even begin.

The new version has Advanced and Professional levels. But to unlock them, you need to achieve a certain level first. To keep up the bird’s energy and stamina, you have to feed it on time. Exercises will allow you to earn some quick money on daily needs and also improve your duck’s skills. The races are divided into Qualifiers and Finals. Think you can make it to the Finals and successfully compete there? Do everything in your power to evolve your hatchlings into fast and strong birds and they will definitely bring you a lot of valuable prizes!


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