Crossy Road


Embark on your journey as a charming little chicken, navigating the bustling streets in search of safety. Here, you’ll guide endearing creatures across busy roads and treacherous terrain, all while collecting precious coins to unlock a diverse cast of characters.

In the beginning, the road is relatively calm, with just a few cars to dodge, making it an easy start. However, as you progress, the challenge intensifies. The streets become jam-packed with speedy vehicles, demanding unwavering focus and agility.

Navigate the endless roads, railway tracks, and rivers, all while avoiding perilous obstacles and fast-paced traffic. With its straightforward and original gameplay, this project promises an addictive and pure gaming experience that will keep you entertained for hours.

Bright features

The charming game boasts a simple yet captivating visual style, combining pixel art with a vibrant palette. It’s a delightful nod to the retro gaming era, drawing you into its world with its nostalgic charm.

With over a hundred unique and whimsical characters to unlock, each with its own distinct personality and appearance, you’ll find yourself eagerly collecting and trying out different avatars.

Hit the road!


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