Duck Life 4


If you are a fan of the Duck Life series, you’ll be glad to discover the perks of the fourth installment of this wonderful game! The new version offers improved visuals, a great number of locations to compete on and a wide set of skills to evolve. Just like in the previous games, you’ll have to raise a duck from a hatchling into a racing champion. That will require you to level up each of the duck’s skills, take part in multiple competitions and of course win them. As you get one prize after another, you’ll be able to gain access to new maps and save up for some amazing accessories available in the coin shop. There are six different locations for you to unlock, each teaching your duck a certain skill. For instance, grasslands train the birds in running, swamp is for swimming, mountains will teach your charge how to fly, glacier is a suitable place for climbing and city offers a nice scene for jumping. After you complete the exercising task, you’ll be able to take part in a contest running on that very map and show what you’ve learned in practice. At the start of each race, you will have an ability to choose which ducks will participate in each competition round. You can also complete all three rounds using the same ducks, but it needs to have a lot of energy to last that long!

Once you win the tournament and beat a duck with an exclamation point over its head, you can proceed to another map. The final map will expose you to the dangers of a volcano where you will get to compete versus the world champion. To gain access to this map, you’ll have to upgrade all your levels to 120 or more. Will you be able to get that far?


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