Only Up Parkour


It is an electrifying arcade sensation that propels you skyward, challenging your agility and reflexes in a vertical labyrinth of obstacles. Drawing inspiration from renowned titles, your mission unfolds as you guide your character through this dizzying ascent.

Forget about other directions – only move upwards!

Your nimbleness is your greatest asset as you leap with precision and scale the heights with grace, all while evading obstacles that lurk above and below. A labyrinth of challenges awaits, each level growing progressively more demanding, introducing dynamic elements like shifting platforms and spinning obstacles to keep you on your toes. Customize your character and showcase your unique style as you tackle each level, striving for the perfect run. This is an extraordinarily difficult challenge even if you are an experienced and professional gamer and are proficient with the keyboard. Will you test yourself?

In this engaging game, the sky’s the limit, and your journey promises a thrilling test of skill and nerves. Are you up for the challenge that will change your life at unimaginable heights? Rise above and conquer this sky-high space in this exhilarating arcade adventure!


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