Duck Life 6


If you are still fascinated with raising and training new ducks for worldwide championships, we offer the sixth game of the series! Aside from some new features, it adds more items available in the coin shop and uses controls that are slightly different from the previous versions. Instead of controlling your duck with a mouse, you’ll guide it by using the arrow buttons not only during trainings, but also at the competition! That means you’ll have more sway over the outcome of the race. With the ability to turn left, right, jump and dive at will, you will be able to avoid many of the obstacles and thus finish the race first. Don’t forget to improve your ducks’ skills and boost their parameters with the help of special items from the coin shop!

The championships differ by the category of cups. The Plastic Cup is open to all players and is a great way for beginners to win some money and upgrade their ducks right from the start. You don’t have to meet any minimum requirements to take part. Winning this type of contest gives you 25 coins that can be used to buy food and accessories for your birdies. In contrast to the other competition types, you can complete the Plastic Cup any number of times you wish.

The next stage is the Copper Cup. To participate, you need to reach at least 10 energy level. You can only take part in this race once, but there will be 50 coins waiting for you at the finish line! Completing the Copper Cup will also unlock the Bronze Cup which will require you to have at least 20 energy level and reward you with 75 coins for the first position in the contest. The Silver Cup is even tougher than the previous ones! It also lasts longer, so you’ll need to have a bigger amount of energy – at least level 30. However, if you win it, you’ll get a total of 100 coins! Finally, there is also the Gold Cup to win. This final contest requires your energy to be of level 40 or more. And if you hit the finish line first, your name is going to be displayed on the Leader Board and everyone will see it! This is worth a try, isn’t it?..


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