Duck Life Space


If you love animals, you’ll find this game very amusing and sweet! Here you are tasked with growing and training your own duck that will take part in a racing competition. That’s why it’s important not only to take care of food, place to keep them and other important things, but also to increase the skills of your team members so that they could run, fly, swim and climb faster than their opponents. This is the seventh version of the game that includes a set of new accessories for your darling birds and new gameplay features to make it even more fascinating and addictive! To make your duck stronger, you’ll have to accomplish training tasks that will bring you a certain amount of coins. Those coins can be spent on various items that will boost the abilities of your charges. Let’s speak a bit about some particular features of the game. The controls have remained mainly intact. Selections are made using the left mouse button. Buttons A and D are for moving left and right, while W and S are for jumping and diving. To accelerate, press button 1. The new version can be played on three different servers. While choosing the server, you will get a glimpse of how many players are currently present online. That will allow you to select the right pool of competition.

When you’re done choosing both the server and your duck, you can start training. Each duck has four skills: running, swimming, flying and climbing. Every of these skills need to be upgraded. But for that you will need to keep the duck’s energy level replenished by giving them some seed to eat. The ducks’ parameters can also be boosted if you equip Tham with items purchased at the Coin Shop. That place has a wide selection of accessories to buy. Hats, for instance, will increase the duck’s energy while shoes will give them a speed boost. Skills can be upped using a jacket. There are a total of 30 types of each item for you to choose from.

There is also a new Server Arena where matches are held across the entire server. To participate in them, though, you have to reach a minimum of 30 energy level. The Server Arena is meant to compete for the high score title and one of the top positions of the Leader Board. However, if you just want to play versus the computer, you don’t have to enter multiplayer. The Arena is purely optional. Aside from being no lower than 30 energy level, you can oppose a player who is over 5 levels above or below yours. You may also use no more than 2 speed buffs during one race. With the new graphics and music, it’s going to be amazing!


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