Treasure Hunt


You think raising a duck is so easy? It’s not enough to just feed it on time. In this game, you are
going to turn your feathered charge into a real champion! Your charge will take part in various contests
and races and if you are lucky to reach the finish among the first, you will receive valuable
rewards and will be able to upgrade your duck’s skills to make your chances of winning in the
next championship even higher. Over 100 million people all over the world are also training their
ducks willing to challenge you to a competition. Will you take that challenge? We have no
doubts you will! Moreover, you are definitely going to win if you collect enough coins to buy new
team members and upgrades for your feathered sport stars.

There are 15 mini games for you to try you hand at, including running, flying and swimming races, jumping
and climbing. Your duck must be excellent in all of those sport types. Watch your birdies with
pride as they compete with other ducks and outrun them getting your closer to victory! Open
new amazing racing locations, including city, swamp, mountains, volcano, glacier and
grasslands, and add new parameters to your skill set for your ducks to become even stronger.
In the long run, you’ll get to participate in the final race against a champion duck. This is going
to be a real fight! The new version features better graphics and sounds, slightly altered
mechanics and accessory store. There you will be able to buy many cute things for your dear
ducks. See how they will look with new amazing hairstyles and dressed in lovely hats! There is
a lot waiting for you ahead, so don’t waste your time and start playing right now!


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